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Friday, December 01, 2006

จัดสรรค์ ผลงาน เอามารวมกัน ให้ได้

ครับ ผมทำ บล็อก เอาไว้ หลายบล็อก บ้างก็ไทย บ้างก็อังกฤษ เลยอยากเอามารวมกันให้ โยงไปโยงมา เอาให้ถึงกันให้ได้ ดังต่อไปนี้

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Business and News on Samui

Yes now my dream is come true. I can communicate and contact with the world very cheap
only paid for my internet provider and spell time infront of monitor. Just onec thing difficult for me aboute langguage because English is not my mother langguage. Then English is second language for me. I try to contact with dmoz to be editor of Koh-Samui part. So they not accept me because my grammar not pass when prove it. I not sad I can accept that because they not prove me in Thais langguage if they prove me in Thais langguage I know I must be pass examination. I spell most of time in my life in Koh Samui since 1977 keep and eye to see something change from undevelopt country to be civilize Island. Sometime sad but sometime happy that is the way of life. First step Koh-Samui can connect to mainland by night boat who carried goods from Bandon (the name of village in Suratthani province)
Their leave from Suratthani from 11:00 pm. and arrived Koh Samui eary morning next day around 05:00 am. Second routh can catch express boat from the same pier in that time start around 14:30 pm and arrived Koh Samui 17:00 pm. They have two competitor in that time Songserm company and Chowkoh company.
Not much people know about Samui Island. Thai citizen they know only Samui Island can produce numberone of coconut.
Onec day Mr. Sai (nickname) I cannot remember his real name he dream to be take car to Samui and he speak with his brother his brother know Mr. Sutham Tanphaibul MD of Samui Khanom Ferry company then the dream of Mr.Sai (Go Sai dialect langguage) December of 1981 I cannot remember axactly date people can take car over the sea to Samui Island.
Big change and big chance come to Samui.
MD of Samui-Khanom Ferry MD= Managing Director he has classmate study in Assumtion University in Thailand. Now he is MD of Bangkok Airways company. Then hopfully you can imagine how the face of Samui Island are changing.
All I wrote from my memory and my poor grammar. But I know oneday when my data come to other people who know more English better than me then they will be prove and renovate this detail. I do not know axactly when Alex garland he come and stay on Samui but now he success already when he wrote the novel "The Beach" and hollywood bought his copyright and make the movies in the same name "The Beach" This movies looklike dinamite to make Samui Island explore.